2009 New York City - Performance at Carnegie Hall as part of National Children's Chorus Festival conducted by Emily Ellsworth, produced by Manhattan Concert Productions.

2012 New Orleans Tour - Crescent City Choral Festival under the direction of Sean Ivory, Paul Caldwell and Artistic Director, Cheryl Dupont

Encore Touring Choir

As students progress through the choir program, They may elect to participate in our touring choir.

Why Tour?  
Touring and choral festival participation are important facets of the Encore Youth Choir program. Singers gain valuable experience performing for unfamiliar audiences and under a variety of circumstances. Through repeated performances, singers acquire a deep and often profound knowledge of the repertoire, and they grow, as individual musicians and as a cooperative ensemble.

Students also forge new friendships and deepen current bonds through days of fun and hard work “on the road.” Choristers on tour have opportunities to meet and interact with people from many different backgrounds and cultures, including other choirs and people in the community. Singers gain confidence and independence through the challenges and responsibilities of traveling as a group—ordering a meal in another language, sharing a hotel or dorm room with other choristers, and touring an area independently in small groups. Many Encore Choir graduates speak of choir tours as some of the most memorable and personally transforming experiences of their choir careers. 

2010 England Tour to London and surrounding communities.

2016 PICFEST TOUR - Festival in Eugene, OR on the campus of the University of Oregon. Guest Conductor Bob Chilcott with Guest Artists Yellow Jackets


2013 Chicago - Performance at Orchestra Hall as part of Youth Choral Festival conducted by Henry Leck, produced by Manhattan Concert Productions.

2007 Italy Tour to Florence, Gallicano, Lucca, Palestrina and Rome

2014 Austria and Czech Republic Tour to Salzburg, Melk, and Vienna in Austria and Brno and Prague in the Czech Republic.